Finishing out the year

Here comes the end of 2017.

It was a really good year for me and I’m so happy to have been able to meet as many of you in person as I did.  This was my second year of doing art shows and craft fairs full time.  Seeing you connect with my pieces in person was truly the best part of the experience.  When my photography touches someone, whether with humor or wonder or through memories stirred, I am thrilled.  That is really why I create photographs.  To find that something that speaks to each of us.  I heard it when I was there with my camera and maybe you’ll hear it as well when you see my work.  Thank you for making this year special and I hope to see you down the road in 2018.  I’ll be posting upcoming events in January for the coming year.

In the mean time, two new venues added for 2018

Round Top Winterfest on February 9-11

Lubbock Arts Festival on April 13-15

All the best,